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AcidipHy L | Irrigation Water Acidifier

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AcidipHy L | Irrigation Water Acidifier
AcidipHy L | Irrigation Water Acidifier

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Product details

AcidipHy L - Irrigation Water Acidifier

Increase Acidity While Reducing Bicarbonates, Sodium, And Soluble Salts


  • High pH Soils
  • Calcareous Soils
  • Poor Water Conditions
  • Disease Prevention
  • Pesticide Enhancement
  • Stress Reduction
  • Salt and Bicarbonate
  • Reduction/Management


AcidipHy Liquid is a unique blend of acidifying agents combined with a surfactant and manganese sulfate. AcidipHy Liquid is designed to be applied either through the irrigation system or in a tank spray. This combination of chemistries is formulated to provide the superintendent with a proactive approach for:

  • Lowering pH of irrigation water and soil profile water
  • Neutralizing the negative effects of high bicarbonate and carbonate levels in irrigation water and the soil solution
  • Maintaining the solubility of Ca and Mg in irrigation and soil water
  • Improving the ability of soil-applied Cabased amendments to produce soluble Ca
  • Dissolving calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate salts on the surface (crusting) and in the soil profile


AcidipHy Liquid utilizes and/or releases soil nutrients that are present but previously not available to the soil or plants. AcidipHy Liquid lowers the soil and soil solutions pH. AcidipHy Liquid enhances stress resistance by allowing the plant/soil to regain balance and release of nutrients. AcidipHy Liquid provides varying rates to allow for optimal effect based on soil/paste/ water test data.

Water and soil samples should be taken and analyzed on a routine basis by a reputable lab. Apply and immediately irrigate to field capacity to flush salts. AcidipHy Liquid may be applied monthly or as necessary to maintain desired salt and bicarbonate levels. Apply at a minimum dilution rate of 50 parts water to 1 part AcidipHy Liquid.

DO NOT combine AcidipHy Liquid in the spray tank with pesticides or fertilizers unless prior use has shown the combination physically compatible, effective and non-injurious under local conditions.

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