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Barricade | Pre-Emergent Herbicide

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$240.90 - $770.00
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Barricade | Pre-Emergent Herbicide
$240.90 - $770.00
Barricade | Pre-Emergent Herbicide
$240.90 - $770.00

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Product details

Barricade Selective Pre-Emergent Herbicide

For pre-emergent control of weeds in established turf, garden beds and nursery pots.

BARRICADE is a selective pre-emergent herbicide that provides residual control of weeds in established turf, garden beds and potted plants. BARRICADE controls susceptible weeds by interfering with cell division in the root tips of newly germinated weeds. BARRICADE Herbicide controls a wide range of pre-emergent grassy weeds. You can trust BARRICADE to last for up to 6 months, so your application window is more flexible. BARRICADE binds high in the soil profile, ensuring turf roots below the barrier are not affected, and your turf stays in prime condition.


  • Easy to use liquid pre-emergent herbicide that controls a wide range of grassy weeds, including African Lovegrass, Parramatta Grass, Summer Grass, Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass and Winter Grass 
  • Up to six months of control with a single application per season. 
  • Safe on established plants with no phytotoxicity 
  • Low odour, non-staining formulation 
  • Binds to the top 1-2 cm of soil, holds tightly and stays there, creating an effective longer-term barrier to weeds 


  • Flexible application window – well before weeds germinate and with the added flexibility to delay wash-in for a few days if necessary 
  • Allows for fewer herbicide applications, which creates efficiencies in productivity and fewer weed management interventions per season 
  • Exempt from poison scheduling, which reduces worker risk and disruption to the community 

Barricade for use in Nurseries

Broad-spectrum weed control made easy barricade – one application for season-long control

Barricade herbicide offers you:

  • An easy-to-use liquid formulation offering application to large area plants in one simple application, compared to granular pot-by-pot options
  • High plant safety: will not burn plant foliage or flowers
  • Apply as a drench over the top of foliage or directly to the soil
  • Broad spectrum control of broadleaf and grass weeds in one application
  • Exempt from poison scheduling
  • Unmatched season-long control – up to 4 months in potted plants and 6 months in plant beds

Set and forget weed control with Barricade

  • BARRICADE is unmatched in its residual weed control capability, providing weed prevention longer than any other liquid or granular product. Registered for use in nursery and garden situations and for the hardest-to-control grass and broad-leaf weeds. You can trust in BARRICADE to keep your plants in top presentation shape for sale.
  • BARRICADE has a high level of safety for perennials, trees, shrubs and grasses. The spray application can easily be applied directly over plants.
  • BARRICADE works by inhibiting germinating weed root tips. Germinated weed root development quickly becomes impeded, resulting in rapid death for the weeds, resulting in clean pots and plant beds for your business.
  • BARRICADE creates a barrier to weeds in the top layer of the growing medium. An even spray application over plants, combined with a light water, sets BARRICADE in place, ensuring control of weeds germinating right at the top of the soil surface.
  • With BARRICADE, a solid weed control barrier is produced, giving unparalleled weed control performance.

Timing keeps plants clean for sale

BARRICADE works best after the early plant establishment stage, when roots are below the preventative barrier, as shown in the diagram below. BARRICADE is not recommended for the initial planting in pots or garden beds. This product is excellent for plants grown in and placed in presentation holding areas ready for sale.

Easy to apply in any plant layout and size

One of the greatest benefits to using BARRICADE is that it can be applied directly over plant foliage. BARRICADE will either go around foliage or through it, or both, to achieve adequate growing medium coverage

Easily activated barrier with post-irrigation

Just 3 mm overhead irrigation after spray application will activate BARRICADE into a surface barrier for your growing medium. Post-irrigation may be delayed, as washing in is not immediately required. Similarly, a full irrigation cycle is not required; only a very light irrigation (minimum 3mm) is required to knock any remaining product off the leaves into the pot. The more porous the growing medium, the less irrigation is required. Care should be taken not to over apply irrigation and push the barrier throughout the entire pot. It is recommended that plants be pre-watered the night before and post-application irrigation not be applied for a few days, to ensure barrier binds to the top of the growing medium.

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Additional Details & Specifications

Active Ingredient:
480G/L Prodiamine
Mode Of Action:
Group 3 Herbicide (Prev. Group D)
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Customer Reviews 1 Review Hide Reviews Show Reviews

  • Changed my life - almost completely eradicated wintergrass

    Posted by Tom on 19th Oct 2022

    Tipped to me to use, it has almost completely eradicated wintergrass in my lawn. Unfortunately I can't use it for a lawn which I oversow with wintergrass every year, but, on my lawn where I only use cooch lawn all year round, it has worked wonders on preventing wintergrass seeds from shooting. I hardly find any now, after only just two applications. I have shady lawn, well irrigated, which is conducive to wintergrass. But no longer! Also have used it on a family members lawn, which is working very well also to prevent has seed germination of weeds. Works well in combination with the Monument product by same manufacturer.

Active Ingredient:
480G/L Prodiamine
Mode Of Action:
Group 3 Herbicide (Prev. Group D)
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