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Biota Calcium, Organic, Vegan-Friendly Liquid Nutrient

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Biota Calcium, Organic, Vegan-Friendly Liquid Nutrient
Biota Calcium, Organic, Vegan-Friendly Liquid Nutrient

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Product details

Biota Calcium

Your Organic, Vegan-Friendly Solution for a Lush, Healthy Garden

Delve into the organic revolution with Biota Calcium, Australia's first organic, vegan-friendly liquid fertiliser. Specially crafted for the green thumbs among us, this unparalleled formula is environmentally friendly and ensures your plants receive the vital nutrients they need to flourish.

Key Features:

  • Highly Concentrated Calcium Source: With a 5.7% Calcium content, Biota Calcium serves as an ideal remedy for calcium deficiencies in various crops, boosting their health and vigour.
  • Organic & Vegan-Friendly: Fully composed of plant-based materials, Biota Calcium is a certified input for organic farming (SXC - Allowed input Cert. No. 22086) and vegan-friendly, making it a sustainable choice for your garden.
  • Ideal for Irrigation & Foliar Application: Our unique production process ensures 100% solubility of nutrients, enabling direct plant uptake through foliar applications and irrigation.
  • Immediate Nutrient Availability: Biota Calcium guarantees prompt nutrient supply, helping to maintain constant fruit development, enhance fruit firmness, and improve overall fruit quality.
  • Promotes Plant Resilience: Regular use of Biota Calcium as a primary fertiliser facilitates calcium mobility in plants and fosters plant resilience, providing a robust shield against potential diseases and pests.

Biota Organic Certified


  1. What is Biota Calcium?
    Biota Calcium is a highly concentrated, organic, vegan-friendly source of calcium for plants. It prevents and corrects calcium deficiencies in a wide range of crops.

  2. Why is calcium essential for my plants?
    Calcium plays a crucial role in plant development, aiding in structural strength, nutrient absorption, and maintaining the plant's overall health.

  3. How does Biota Calcium work?
    Due to the unique production process, the nutrients in Biota Calcium are 100% present in the solution, allowing for direct uptake by the plant through foliar application and irrigation.

  4. How often should I use Biota Calcium?
    Please check the application label for specific directions.

  5. Is Biota Calcium suitable for all crops?
    Yes, Biota Calcium is suitable for use on all crops through foliar application and irrigation.

  6. What are the benefits of using Biota Calcium?
    Biota Calcium aids in constant fruit development improves fruit firmness and quality, enhances calcium absorption, and facilitates calcium mobility in the plant.

  7. Is Biota Calcium environmentally friendly?
    Yes, Biota Calcium is made from plant-based materials and approved for use in organic agri- and horticulture.

  8. How does Biota Calcium compare to mineral fertilisers?
    When used as a primary fertiliser, the application of Biota Calcium is equal to that of mineral fertilisers.

  9. What makes Biota Calcium different from other fertilisers?
    Biota Calcium is Australia's first organic, vegan-friendly fertiliser, ideal for foliar application and irrigation, and provides immediately available nutrients to the plants.

  10. Where can I purchase Biota Calcium?
    Biota Calcium is exclusively available at The Garden Superstore, your one-stop shop for all your gardening needs.

Application Dose
Foliar Spray 2 – 3 mL/Litre
Vegetables 2.5 – 10 Liters/Ha
Flowers &
5 – 15 Liters/Ha
Field Crops & Turf 4 – 5 Litres per Ha (use max 1000 Litres water / Ha)
Calcium (Ca)  5.720%

The Garden Superstore proudly presents Biota Calcium, a product revolutionising gardening norms. This organic, vegan-friendly fertiliser ensures your plants receive the utmost care, encouraging them to bloom like never before. Make your garden a beacon of sustainability with Biota Calcium today!

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Additional Details & Specifications

Organic Status:
Certified Organic
5.7% Ca
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Organic Status:
Certified Organic
5.7% Ca
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