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Horticultural Perlite

20 reviews
$39.45 - $54.10
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Horticultural Perlite
$39.45 - $54.10
Horticultural Perlite
$39.45 - $54.10

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Product details

Chillagoe Horticultural Perlite

Unlock your plants' full potential with Chillagoe Horticultural Perlite – a lightweight, sterile, and easy-to-use growing medium perfect for home gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Derived from naturally occurring volcanic rock, Chillagoe Perlite simplifies plant care while promoting healthy, vibrant growth.

Key Benefits of Chillagoe Horticultural Perlite:

  1. Boosts Soil Aeration: Chillagoe Perlite's unique irregular shape creates space between soil particles, allowing air to circulate freely and reach even the tiniest roots. This improved aeration encourages healthier root systems and more robust plant growth.
  2. Retains Moisture: The exceptional water-holding properties of Chillagoe Perlite ensure that your plants have access to the moisture and nutrients they need for optimal growth.
  3. Ideal for Propagation: Chillagoe Perlite is an excellent component for soilless growing mixes, maintaining the perfect water/air balance to foster superior plant growth and successful propagation.
  4. Long-lasting and Non-Toxic: Made from natural volcanic rock, Chillagoe Perlite is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and will not rot or dissolve over time.
  5. Neutral pH and Sterile: Chillagoe Perlite is ideal for home gardening because of its neutral pH and sterile composition, ensuring it's free from diseases and weeds.
  6. Insulates Soil: The tiny air bubbles within Chillagoe Perlite provide excellent insulation properties, helping to regulate soil temperature and protect your plants' delicate root systems.

Available Granule Sizes:

  • Fine: 1.5mm – 2.5mm
  • Medium: 1.6mm – 3mm
  • Coarse: 3mm – 5mm
  • Super Coarse: 5mm – 7mm
  • Jumbo: 6.5mm – 10mm
Versatile and Easy to Use:

Chillagoe Horticultural Perlite is perfect for:

  • Soil Conditioning
  • Potting Mixes
  • Propagation Mixes
  • Hydroponics
  • Bulb Storage
  • Landscaping and Rooftop Gardens

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Customer Reviews 20 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews

  • Perlite

    Posted by Gary Fry on 3rd Nov 2023

    Great experience again!

  • Best Value, Best Drainage.

    Posted by Bradley Lancaster on 7th Oct 2023

    Perlite is an awesome way to give your plants good drainage and promote healthy roots. I use this to avoid the problems surrounded by overwatering in winter. I use this perlite on all my Fruit Trees, Exotics and Palms. Picking up for the Garden Superstore is super easy they load up a pallets on the ute all wrapped and super friendly staff.

  • Perlite Medium

    Posted by Mark Holland on 26th Sep 2023

    My favourite additive to my bonsai mix, as it is second to none for adding the porosity I need, plus it greatly reduces the weight of my bonsai.

  • Perlite , vermiculite

    Posted by Douglas Davidson on 29th Aug 2023

    Due to changes to the weather patterns it is now necessary to adjust what we do In the garden, and how we look after our potted friends. This is why we need to use perlite as a water retention and vermiculite to attain nutrients. This products will help to every the plant you grow, promoting healthier plants and growth . By purchasing from the garden superstore you get better prices fast delivery plus rewards every time you buy

  • Great

    Posted by David Ramsay on 15th Aug 2023

    It was great, no problems with the delivery at all except it came over 2 days.

  • Plants

    Posted by FIONA BRIDGES on 26th Jul 2023

    Just great so easy to use.

  • Top product

    Posted by Natalie Cunningham on 17th Jul 2023

    Love this product makes my mix nice and fluffy

  • Great Service

    Posted by Mark Holland on 14th Jul 2023

    A painless and quick shopping experience. The delivery was just as quick.

  • Perlite

    Posted by Trent Goodchild on 6th Jul 2023

    Great Product sizing is good. not much fines. Quick Delivery. Using for Bonsai Development Mix

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