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Flower Focus

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Flower Focus
Flower Focus

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Product details

Flower Focus

Unleash Vibrant and Abundant Blooms

Our Flower Focus is precision-formulated to ignite a profusion of vibrant and abundant flower formation. Its performance has been tried and tested on an endless variety of flowering plants, consistently yielding outstanding results. With Flower Focus, every bloom in your garden can flourish to its fullest potential.

The Focus Range: Scientifically-Developed Plant Nutrition

The Focus Range, a brainchild of Growth Technology's innovative Single Part Technology (SPT), is crafted from the finest raw materials. It delivers the full spectrum of 12 essential minerals, tailoring to the unique nutritional requirements of diverse plant types.

Why Choose GT's, Focus Range?

The Focus Range by GT redefines the standard for liquid nutrients, and here's why:

  1. Complete Nutrient Profile: Each product within the Focus range contains the full scope of 12 essential minerals - including calcium - synthesised into an easy-to-absorb liquid concentrate.
  2. pH Buffering: Our products are pH-buffered to ensure plant accessibility to all 12 essential minerals.
  3. Plant-specific Formulation: Each product is expertly formulated to match the nutritional demands of specific plant types.
  4. Premium Raw Materials: We use top-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements to facilitate efficient plant absorption.
  5. Pure and Safe: Our products are guaranteed free from harmful elements like chlorides, urea, sodium, and ammonium.
  6. Ease of Use: Simple instructions make our products user-friendly.
  7. Economical: Every product can yield up to 200 litres of working solution.

Anticipate Improved Plant Health and Vitality:

Our range ensures a healthier plant, evidenced by the following:

  • Accelerated growth and development
  • Enhanced root strength and development
  • Profuse vegetative growth
  • Vibrant flowers and award-winning blooms
  • Enhanced disease resistance
  • Increased environmental stress tolerance

A Solution Backed by Comprehensive Research

With 15 years of exhaustive research and testing, we're confident in our product quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use it?
We recommend using Focus nutrients at least once a week during active growth seasons like spring and summer.

Can I use it more than once a week?
Absolutely, many growers have reported exceptional results using 5-10ml per litre with each watering. Just remember never to exceed 10ml per litre to avoid the risk of root and leaf burn.

Should I adjust plant feeding in summer and winter?
Yes, feeding needs to be adjusted due to seasonal variations in growth. More feeding is required during summer growth, whereas minimal or no feeding is necessary during winter dormancy.

Can I use Focus products on seedlings?
Yes, but be sure to maintain a weak solution of no more than 5ml per litre for the first few weeks. As the plant grows and shows signs of active growth, you can gradually increase the nutrient strength.

Can Focus products be used as a foliar spray?
Definitely! Foliar feeding is a quick and efficient way to nourish your plant. Avoid exceeding 5ml per litre; don't spray during intense heat or direct sunlight.

Can I use Focus products with slow-release fertiliser potting mixes?
Yes, you can, but halve the dilution rate to prevent overfeeding. For best results, we recommend using coco fibre due to its excellent water-holding capacity and purity, making it an ideal partner for Focus products.

Have you got more questions? We're eager to assist. Contact us today.

Got Questions?

Ask an Expert!

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