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Orchid Focus Grow

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Orchid Focus Grow
Orchid Focus Grow

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Product details

Orchid Focus 

The Ultimate Orchid Nutrition Solution

Crafted meticulously to cater to the unique needs of your orchids, Orchid Focus Bloom & Orchid Focus Grow are distinct blends that keep your orchids healthy and vibrant over extended periods. With a 100% nitrate form of nitrogen supply, this solution promotes strong and consistent growth, setting it apart from conventional fertilizers. While primarily aimed at orchids, it also serves as a beneficial supplement for Bromeliads and indoor plants.

Dispelling Orchid Myths with Orchid Focus

While there's a widespread belief that orchids do not require nourishment, Orchid Focus is here to debunk that myth. Despite their evolution in nutrient-scarce conditions, orchids, like all other plants, need essential minerals for photosynthesis and healthy growth.

To help your orchids thrive, they need the correct nutrition at the right time. This is where Orchid Focus steps in, providing a carefully crafted nutritional program specifically for your orchids.

Why Choose Orchid Focus?

Orchid Focus is an all-inclusive solution containing all 12 essential minerals for your plants. The formulation is based on revolutionary Single Pack Technology (SPT) pioneered by Growth Technology 15 years ago. This technology ensures that all these minerals are solubilized and concentrated into an easily absorbed liquid solution, providing balanced and tailored nutrition for your orchids.

The formulation, comprising high-grade raw materials and chelated trace elements, ensures effortless absorption. Moreover, it guarantees the absence of sodium chloride and urea, often found in other fertilizers and known for their potential harm. Nitrogen in Orchid Focus is supplied entirely in its nitrate form, the optimal form for orchid cultivation.

Liquid Nutrient Solutions: A Superior Alternative

Unlike the inconsistent nutrient release found in slow-release fertilizers, liquid nutrient solutions, like Orchid Focus, deliver a complete and balanced mineral profile with each application.

How to Feed Your Orchids with Orchid Focus

Using Orchid Focus is simple and efficient. During your orchid's active growth periods, it is advised to apply Orchid Focus regularly, adhering to the mantra: "weekly, weakly". Your orchids will experience steady growth and improved health by delivering small, consistent doses. However, remember to flush orchid pots with clean water once a month to prevent mineral buildup.

Boosting Growth with Foliar Feeding

Foliar feeding can enhance orchid vitality when used in tandem with root feeding. Administer Orchid Focus at half strength (2.5 – 5ml per litre) using a fine mist spray bottle for the best results. However, avoid the blooms and apply early morning to prevent heat damage.

Elevate your orchid growth and vitality with Orchid Focus, your best ally in orchid care. Enjoy a lush, vibrant indoor garden with our expertly formulated solution. Purchase now and watch your orchids bloom into their full potential!

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