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Lawn Builder Grub + Insect Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

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Lawn Builder Grub + Insect Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser
$26.07 - $71.10
Lawn Builder Grub + Insect Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser
$26.07 - $71.10

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Product details

Scotts Lawn Builder Grub + Insect Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

  • Feeds for up to 3 months
  • No scorch formula
  • No surge growth

Australia's most popular lawn fertiliser has an excellent reputation with home gardeners and professional turf managers alike. The 'set and forget' solution to having a great lawn all year round, this product includes an effective insecticide to control pests that may periodically invade


  • May be safely used on all types of lawn including buffalo, kikuyu and couch varieties as well as lawn alternatives
  • Low toxicity pest control with new technology chemical bifenthrin, which is an active insecticide that is of minimal risk to humans and domestic pets when used as per label instructions
  • Boosted iron content promotes deeper green and stronger growth. The thicker the lawn, the less chance weeds have of taking hold - they're smothered before they become obvious and need treatment
  • Slow-release of nutrients through controlled feeding eliminates waste through run-off and leaching and prevents burning and surge growth
  • Traditional lawn foods release or 'dump' most of their nutrients within a couple of weeks of application, causing a rapid surge in growth that quickly drops off again as the food supply diminishes. Scotts Lawn Builder™ uses patented time-release technology to ensure nutrients are released slowly and continuously over a three month period
  • Grub +Insect Control has no phosphorus (P), which means it can be safely used anywhere in Australia including WA, which has a 1% P limit for lawn fertilisers
  • The recommended application rate is a low 16 grams per m2, not the kilograms often associated with regular lawn foods!


  • All lawn grasses including all named varieties of buffalo, traditional couch, Santa Ana couch, kikuyu, bent, fescues and carpet grass
  • All grass substitutes such as dichondra (also known as pennywort or kidney weed), lippia, zoysia


  • Scotts Lawn Builder™ is not recommended for use on plants other than lawn grasses and lawn substitutes
  • Do NOT use on lawns within 2m of water (ponds, creeks, dams and drains)
  • Do NOT feed lawn clippings from areas treated with Grub & Insect Control to poultry or other animals

Read Safety Directions before opening or using.

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