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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food

5 reviews
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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food
Was: $18.00
Now: $11.70
Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food
Was: $18.00
Now: $11.70

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Product details

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food

Your plants are hungry. Feed them with Miracle-Gro plant food.

For big, beautiful Miracle-Gro results, plants need water, sunlight, and nutrition to flourish throughout the season. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food is a unique mix of 10 micronutrients to ensure healthy growth. It is safe for all plants, guaranteed not to burn when used as directed and starts to work instantly. Use on all flowers, all vegetables, houseplants, roses, and all trees and shrubs. For best results, feed every 7-14 days when plants are actively growing.

This product is easy to apply using with a watering can.

NPK 24-3.5-16 with trace elements

  • Grows twice as big
    Plants need more than just water, they need the right balance and essential nutrients to grow and bloom their best. Miracle-Gro feeds your plants the nutrients they need that are ​easily absorbed​ to​ grow your plants twice as big versus unfed plants!
  • Unique blend of 10 nutrients
    We’ve developed the perfect blend of 10 nutrients and minerals that ensure your plants grow beautiful and bountiful. The soluble nutrients dissolve into water giving your plants everything they need with every feed.
  • For healthier, happier plants
    Strengthening your plant’s roots from the ground up means they can absorb nutrients, minerals and water more efficiently, and enables them to fight off pests and disease more effectively. That means healthier, happier plants all round.
  • Pet and child friendly
  • Fast action
  • All purpose
  • Plus trace elements

How to use

  1. Choose the dosage size.
  2. Soak the soil around the base.
  3. Wet the leaves with a fine rose on a watering can.
  4. Feed every 2 weeks from early spring - late summer.

Beds and borders, pots, containers, hanging baskets: Mix one large spoonful (15ml) in 4.5 litres of water.

Vegetable and fruit planters: Mix one large spoonful (15ml) in 4.5 litres of water. Apply 1 x 4.5 litres watering can per planter.

Lawns: Mix one large spoonful (15ml) in 4.5 litres of water. Apply 1 x 4.5 litres watering can per 2.5m².

Houseplants: Mix one small spoonful (1.25ml) in 1 litre of water.

Where to use

Indoors, outdoors, pots, containers, beds and borders, lawns.

How often to apply

Every two weeks from early spring to late summer.

Fertiliser analysis

NPK 24-3.5-16 with trace elements.


Keep out of reach of children. Wash splashes from skin. Wash hands after use. Always wear gloves when gardening.
Always read the label and product information before use.


Q1: Can I use Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food crystals straight from the box?

A1: The crystals are designed to be diluted in water in a watering can, if used dry this may lead to over-application and possible damage to plants.

Q2: Why are the crystals blue?

A2: We add a food-grade water-soluble blue dye to indicate when you need to refill the watering can.

Q3: How often should I feed my plants?

A3: We recommend feeding every 2 weeks during the growing season at the recommended rate as stated on pack.

Q4: Can I use this feed on my lawn?

A4: Yes, you can feed your lawn with this product, please refer to the back of pack for usage and dilution instructions.

Q5: Can I use Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food on my vegetables?

A5: Yes, feed every 2 weeks at the recommended rate and wash the vegetables before use. There is no health hazard associated with this type of product, which is a straightforward mixture of plant nutrients.

Q6: Why have the crystals in an open bag of feed gone mushy?

A6: Miracle-Gro is based on soluble salts, which are hygroscopic and must be stored in a well-sealed container in a dry location. If the container is not properly sealed, then moisture can be absorbed from the atmosphere resulting in the product becoming sticky. However, this does not affect the quality of the product, although it may make it slightly more difficult to measure. Damp product can be used as recommended without risk to plants to which it is applied.

Q7: What is the coverage?

A7: The coverage per each pack size is as follows: 500g carton = 40 watering cans (180 litres), 1kg carton = 80 watering cans (360 litres), 2kg tub = 160 watering cans (720 litres).

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Customer Reviews 5 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews

  • I don’t...

    Posted by Tim Allen on 14th Dec 2023

    I cannot say anything about the product as it has not yet arrived!

  • Garden Miracle

    Posted by Pauline O’Neill on 28th Oct 2023

    Have used this product for over 25 yrs and was very disappointed when I could no longer buy it from any garden store. However, once I was informed that I could obtain it online, my gardens (and I) rejoiced. This is the best liquid fertiliser for anything growing.

  • Great product and fast delivery

    Posted by Chieng Bing Wong on 25th Oct 2023

    Ordered 4 pieces of the micracle-gro and it was delivered to sydney around 1 week time. All products were intact and they are great for my garden!

  • Very happy

    Posted by Amanda Talbot on 12th Aug 2023

    Came from QLD to NSW was packaged very well arrived in good time for the distance.

  • good product

    Posted by Debbie on 13th Jan 2023

    The garden superstore staff are so helpful.

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