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Seaweed Master Liquid Seaweed

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$17.60 - $194.80
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Seaweed Master Liquid Seaweed
$17.60 - $194.80
Seaweed Master Liquid Seaweed
$17.60 - $194.80

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Product details

Seaweed Master Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

Unlock the Secret to Lush Gardens and Lawns

Upgrade your gardening game with Seaweed Master, a super-concentrated, premium seaweed (kelp) plant fertiliser and soil conditioner, uniquely fortified with Humic & Fulvic acids and rich organic carbon. Formulated with the finest Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed Species, this balanced formula is engineered to foster unparalleled plant health and vigour.

Why Seaweed Master Stands Out

  • Root and Foliar Revolution: Acts as a premium conditioner for both roots and foliage, ensuring stronger, healthier plants from the ground up.
  • Stress Defence Mechanism: With its super-boosted Fulvic content, Seaweed Master significantly reduces plant stress, offering a shield against harsh conditions, including frost, by preventing wilting.
  • Odour-Free Experience: Unlike other seaweed products, it’s designed to be pleasant to use, free from the strong odours typically associated with seaweed fertilisers.
  • Enhanced Growth and Resilience: Promotes vigorous root, flower, and fruit development, extending longevity and bolstering resistance to stress.
  • Nutrient Unlocking: Acts as a natural chelator, freeing up tied-up nutrients in the soil, making them readily available to your plants, and is especially beneficial for new plantings.

The Power of Kelp and Fulvic Acid: Seaweed Master is not just any fertiliser; it’s a blend of 77 minerals, 17 amino acids, 4 natural growth stimulants, chelating agents, and complex sugars, all supercharged with high-quality Fulvic Acid. This combination is a powerhouse for stimulating growth, improving soil health, and enhancing the yield and quality of your garden.

Broad-Spectrum Benefits

  • Frost and Bio-Protection: Offers natural protection against frost and stimulates the root-zone for enhanced bio-protection.
  • Root Stimulation for Better Yield: Encourages significant root growth for improved plant stability and nutrient uptake.
  • Flowering and Fruiting: Boosts flowering and fruit set, enhancing the beauty and bounty of your garden.
  • Stress Recovery: Acts as a rescue remedy, revitalising plants during and after stress periods.
  • Soil Health: Stimulates beneficial soil microbes, improving soil structure and fertility.
  • Versatile Absorption: Efficiently absorbed through both roots and foliage for immediate impact.
  • Ultra Soluble: Its ultra-soluble formulation ensures quick action and easy application.

Beyond the Garden: Seaweed Master is also a preferred stockfeed supplement, recognised by leading animal nutritionists for its health benefits.

Embrace the strength of nature with Seaweed Master Liquid Seaweed Concentrate. Transform your garden and lawn into a thriving oasis where every plant flourishes to its full potential.

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  • Great product

    Posted by Dale Parsons on 17th May 2022

    Great alternative to Seasol - no odour, and better results.

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