Are you battling with bugs in your garden?

Are you battling with bugs in your garden?

Have you tried:

Surefire Spectrum 200SC Systemic Insecticide?

A brilliant product that can be used for the control of various insect pests in ornamentals, turf and crops.
With a high concentration (200g/L Imidacloprid) it represents great value for money.

Effective Treatment Of:
Aphid, Azalea Lace Bug, Bronze Orange Bug, Citrus Mealy Bug, Fuller'S Rose Weevil, Greenhouse Thrip, Harlequin Bug, Hibiscus Flower Beetle, Longtailed Mealy Bug, Psyllid Or Lerp Insect, Soft Scale, African Black Beetle - 1St Instar Larvae, Argentinian Scarab - First Instar Larvae, Bill Bug - Larvae - Billbug, Bill Bug - Larvae - La Plata Weevil, Pruinose Scarab - First Instar Larvae
Just to name a few!

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