Battling Pests: Mosquitoes & Midgees

Battling Pests: Mosquitoes & Midgees

Keep your family safe & itch-free!

Control those pesky Mosquitoes & Midgees...

The summer heat and regular rain has meant the mosquitoes and midgees are out in force! Spraying outside your house and patio can help keep your family safe! 
Here's our tips on what to use so you and your guests can feel comfortable entertaining around your home.

  • PyBo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticide
    The natural option: Made from Pyrethrum and 1ml makes 1 litre! Can be used as a surface spray or misted. Natural ‘Pybo’ the label has 2 rates, one for misting & fogging and one for surface spray.
  • SureFire Fivestar Insecticide 80SC
    For something a little stronger with a residual affect. This one is sometimes used by pest control companies. Use this to spray foundations, verandahs, window frames, eaves, patio, soil, turf and tree trunks. Creating a perimeter band 2-3 metres around and adjacent to the area is best.
  • Aquatain AMF Liquid Mosquito Film
    It spreads across the surface of standing water - even large water bodies – and forms a very thin film. As silicones have a very low surface tension, the film prevents pupae and larvae from attaching themselves at the surface while attempting to breathe, thereby causing them to drownThe product has a purely physical action and does not contain any toxic chemicals.
  • Here’s a few options for spray application
    The Solo Mini 2 litre pressure sprayer has an adjustable angled cone around an adjustable nozzle that can spray from directional to a fine mist.
    And to just ‘make the job easy’… Try the Solo 414Li Battery operated 10L backpack sprayer... No pumping required, let the battery do the work!

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