Charcoal how good is it?

Charcoal how good is it?

We are now stocking Charboost ‘BioChar ‘ 3-9mm

What is it – why is it so good?

CharBoost BioChar is a high quality horticultural charcoal/biochar. As a permanent source of carbon, CharBoost acts as a sponge to hold onto water and nutrients, making it an ideal home for millions of beneficial soil microbes.

Charboost is an Australian product made in Queensland from Spotted Gum (Corymbia Maculata).

It is a powerful soil substrate that improves soil fertility, it is often blended in garden beds or potting mixtures to:

  • Enhance Soil Vitality
  • Stimulate Plant Growth
  • Increase Nutrient Holding Capacity
  • Increase soil microbial Activity
  • Builds Carbon Reserves for Future Crops

BioChar works to improve moisture retention in sandy soils, but also reduced tensile strength in hard-setting soils (like clay), some studies have even shown biochar to suppress soil borne diseases. Why not do a trial in your own home garden and let the results speak for themself!


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