Introducing Worm Hit

Introducing Worm Hit

Introducing Worm Hit Fertiliser: The Natural Solution for Stronger, Healthier Plants

Are you looking for an organic, sustainable way to boost the growth and yield of your crops or plants? Look no further than Worm Hit Fertiliser, a revolutionary new product made from worm castings and beneficial soil microorganisms.

Worm Hit pellets are easy to use and will not cause over-fertilisation. They contain beneficial soil microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes, which help transform inorganic nutrients into organic forms, making it easier for plants to absorb them. These microorganisms also protect the plant's root systems and stimulate healthy growth.

Worm Casting Goodness:

  • Improved nutrient uptake for stronger, healthier plants
  • Enhanced soil structure and fertility
  • Increased resistance to pests and diseases
  • A 100% organic and natural solution for your garden

Worm Hit Fertiliser comes in 5mm pellets or 1.25kg bricks, making it versatile for various agricultural settings, including broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, and even the home garden. The pellets work as a slow release, allowing the soil microorganisms to provide a steady stream of nutrients for new growth and boost the root rhizosphere, resulting in stronger, healthier plants that are more resistant to disease and bad weather.

One of the critical benefits of Worm Hit Fertiliser is its ability to maximise nutrient availability in the soil. The microorganisms help to regulate nutrient uptake, ensuring that the elements are in the right place at the right time for the plants to absorb them. Additionally, the fertiliser improves soil structure, increasing soil and nutrient holding capacity and aeration, which helps water retention and survival during dry conditions.

But that's not all - using Worm Hit Fertiliser also leads to increased yield and plant quality and humic acid in the soil. Humic acid molecules group together to create a protective layer around the roots, similar to the slimy coating found on worms. This protective layer allows for more robust root systems and disease suppression.

Worm Hit Fertiliser is also organically certified, so you can feel good about using a safe and tested product. The company behind Worm Hit, founded in 2015 and based in Mildura, Australia, has a vision of creating a more sustainable agricultural system through the use of natural, organic fertilisers.

Worm Hit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the health and growth of their plants or crops in a sustainable, natural way. Whether you're a farmer, horticulturist, landscape gardener, or home gardener, Worm Hit is a valuable addition to your growing toolkit. So why not try it and see the difference it can make?

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