Michael's Turf VLOG - 1 Week Post Renovation

Its been 1 week since the lawn renovation... Join Michael as he explains what we've been doing since then to ensure our lawn will bounce back looking better than ever.

Video Transcript

Hello all and welcome to the third episode of the Turf Vlogs.

Today marks one week post-renovation and, like myself, I bet you're all keen to start seeing results. Renovation, irrigation, fertiliser, and amendments, if needed, are so very important to ensure it helps the grass recover and provide a foundation to sustain it over the summer months.

Post-renovation, we water in for three days in a row to ensure the sand is settled into the profile and the fertilisers do get the opportunity to start releasing.

As you all know, sand is naturally hydrophobic, so it is imperative that we do ensure it does get the long waters to push it down through the profile and get the water penetrated down into the root zone. In saying this, we do recommend using a wetting agent to help aid this process. There are many and varied wetting agents out there on the market, so today we decided we'll be using the Tri-Smart from the ICL H2 Pro range. This is a unique wetting agent with a three-way active it designed to aid water penetration into the profile, allow even water spread through the root zone, and improve water holding capabilities.

For best results, don't only just apply this after renovation but do apply as part of a regular wetting agent program. As you know, fertiliser is slow release, so we do not see the results straight away. Normally, we do expect to see results between 5 and 10 days after renovation.

Stay tuned for our next episode where we do show you the results of the fertiliser, what fertiliser we used, and the benefits it will provide us. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you next time.


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