Michael's Turf VLOG - Syngenta PrimoMaxx - Reduce vertical growth whilst improving turf health

Are you struggling to keep up the with the pace of your lawn growth during these hot humid summery days?

Join Michael to find out how using a PGR (plant growth regulator) can reduce the vertical growth of your turf while improving overall lawn health and resilience...

Video Transcript

Welcome back to the Turf Vlogs! We hope you've had a fantastic start to the year and are diving headfirst into your lawn care program. Here on the Sunshine Coast, we've been blessed with plenty of rain and hot, humid days - the perfect combination for grass to thrive.

If you're tired of constantly mowing your lawn and dealing with piles of clippings, we have the solution for you: Primo Max PGR. This plant growth regulator is used on home lawns, sporting fields, and golf courses to slow down vertical growth and improve uniformity. By encouraging lateral growth, it covers thin areas and pushes runners over bare patches, resulting in a tighter grass sword and reduced weed germination. Plus, it promotes a stronger root system, better stress management, and improved nutrient uptake and grass quality.

Primo Max comes in one or five-liter containers and should be applied to the foliage via broadcast spray every four to six weeks throughout the growing season. Keep in mind that application frequency may vary depending on climate, grass species, height of cut, and area size. For optimal uptake, consider adding a wetting agent or surfactant.

We take pride in helping you find the best solution for your lawn care needs. Contact us today via our website or phone to learn more about Primo Max and how it can benefit your lawn. Thanks for tuning in, and we look forward to sharing more tips with you next time!


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