Michael's Turf VLOG - Topdressing Your Lawn with Mikskaar Peat Moss

Join Michael as he talks about the benefits of using peat moss to topdress your lawn, and the results we saw when using it during our Autumn Renovation.

Not all peat moss varieties are equal - contact our team today to find out more about the benefits of using Mikskaar peat moss for topdressing and which ones are best suited and safe for your lawn

Video Transcript

Welcome back to another episode of the Turf Vlogs! We hope you're enjoying the cooler weather and preparing for winter. In our last video, we introduced a new top dressing method using peat moss. This decomposed organic matter has excellent nutrient and water holding capabilities, making it perfect for retaining moisture, nutrients, and adding organic matter to your profile. Peat moss is much lighter than sand alone and weed-free, saving you from ongoing weed issues after top dressing.

Peat moss can be applied at any thickness depending on the scenario and profile, but it's typically applied at around five mil as it acts like a sponge. Applying too much can lead to excess moisture at the surface and increased disease pressure. At our warehouse, we use Azoxystrobin broad-spectrum fungicide after renovations to keep pathogens at bay. We recommend applying renovation fertiliser after top dressing to ensure that any leaching nutrients are held by the peat moss.

As mentioned in our previous video, peat moss is naturally acidic but can be purchased pH adjusted or non-pH adjusted depending on your soil pH. It's important to use the right one to avoid unnecessarily decreasing your pH and keeping it balanced. Our observations show that using peat moss resulted in faster bounce-back from renovation with improved grass coverage and colour compared to sand alone. We also noticed reduced leaching of fertiliser, resulting in faster grass growth, better coverage to prevent weed growth, and mowing resuming within one week.

If you want to learn more about how peat moss can benefit your next renovation, please get in touch with our team. We take pride in working with each of you and strive to achieve the best results possible. Thank you for tuning in, and we look forward to having you join us for our next episode!


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