Unleash the Power of Probiotic Superfood for Your Plants with Superfly!

Unleash the Power of Probiotic Superfood for Your Plants with Superfly!

Unlock the potential of your plants with the probiotic superfood, Superfly! This revolutionary certified organic fertiliser is brimming with beneficial microbes; black soldier fly frass, chitin, and essential nutrients boost plant growth, enhance soil microbial diversity, and activate your plants' natural defences against pests and diseases.

Revolutionise Your Garden with Superfly Organic Fertiliser

Superfly organic fertiliser is your secret weapon for healthier, more robust plants. Packed with 240 million colony-forming microbes per gram, this powerful formula is designed to create a thriving ecosystem in any soil type. With its unique blend of black soldier fly frass, chitin, and essential trace elements, you can build a well-structured, nutrient-rich environment for your plants to flourish.

The Magic of Beneficial Microbes

Superfly's potent formula introduces 240 million living microbes per gram, creating a resilient and biodiverse soil ecosystem. These beneficial microbes work harmoniously with your plants, unlocking their full potential and promoting robust growth.

Boost Your Plants' Natural Defenses

The high levels of natural chitin in Superfly activate your plants' innate defences against insects, fungi, and nematodes. This protection helps to prevent root rot and pathogenic fungi, ensuring your plants stay strong and healthy.

Supercharged Plant Growth

Superfly's balanced blend of fast and slow-release nutrients, calcium, and over ten trace elements boosts your plants' growth rate. The improved soil structure ensures your plants receive the perfect balance of nutrients to thrive.

Optimise Water Efficiency with All-Natural Soil Wetter

Superfly boasts an impressive 170% moisture-holding capacity thanks to its high organic matter content. This feature enhances water penetration, maximises nutrient uptake, and increases watering efficiency, keeping your plants well-hydrated and nourished.

Versatile and Compatible with All Soil Types

No matter the soil type in your garden, Superfly's neutral pH, low salt content, and high humic acid levels make it an ideal choice. Even clay soils will benefit from the addition of this organic fertiliser.

A Sustainable Choice for the Environment

For every tonne of Superfly certified-organic fertiliser used, you'll offset 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions. By choosing Superfly, you're nurturing your plants and contributing to a healthier planet.

Unlock the full potential of your garden with the probiotic superfood, Superfly organic fertiliser. With its rich blend of beneficial microbes, black soldier fly frass, chitin, and essential nutrients; you'll be amazed at the difference it makes in your plants' growth and health. Try Superfly today and witness the transformation for yourself!


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