Your Guide to Choosing the Best Tree Guards for Your Property

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Tree Guards for Your Property

Trees play a crucial role in our environment, providing countless benefits that often go unnoticed. However, their growth and health can be severely threatened without proper protection. This is where tree guards step in. Tree guards are protective barriers designed to shield young, vulnerable saplings from threats like wildlife, harsh weather conditions, or accidental damage. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials to cater to a multitude of needs.

From the popular Corflute Tree Guards to the eco-friendly Biodegradable Cardboard Guards, Mesh Tree Guards that deter kangaroos and wallabies, and versatile plastic Tree Protection Sleeves, the market offers a wide array of tree guards. Each type has unique features and benefits, and choosing the right one can significantly impact your tree's growth and longevity.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of tree guards. We'll take an in-depth look at each type, discuss their uses and benefits, and guide you in choosing the most suitable option for your needs. We'll also explain the role of hardwood and bamboo stakes in supporting these guards. So, whether you're a seasoned gardener on a large property, or a beginner wanting to protect your young saplings, read on to explore the world of tree guards!

Why Tree Guards?

Tree guards are essential in maintaining your trees' health and longevity, particularly when they are still in their nascent stage. As their name implies, these protective barriers guard the trees against potential threats. Whether it's nibbling wildlife, harmful weather conditions, or even accidental damage from a stray football, tree guards offer the protection your saplings need during their formative years.

One of the foremost benefits of using tree guards is reducing bark damage from wildlife. Animals, particularly in the Australian landscape, like kangaroos, wallabies, or even domestic livestock, can cause considerable harm to young trees. Tree guards protect against this, ensuring that your trees have the chance to grow undisturbed.

Additionally, tree guards act as a shield against harsh weather. Extreme temperatures, strong winds, and even frost can significantly impede a young tree's growth. The guards provide a microclimate that helps in mitigating these weather-related threats.

Now, let's turn our attention to the types of tree guards. Four main types are popular among gardeners and tree enthusiasts:

  1. Corflute Tree Guards: These are durable and long-lasting guards and are among the most popular choices. They're perfect for multiple plantings and are usable in various soil types.
  2. Biodegradable Cardboard Guards: An environmentally friendly option, these guards decompose over time, leaving no harmful residues behind.
  3. Mesh Tree Guards: Ideal for areas with kangaroos and wallabies, these guards offer added protection against wildlife.
  4. Plastic Tree Protection Sleeves: These are versatile and excellent for general planting, as they protect young plants from frost.

In the following sections, we'll dive deeper into each type to help you make an informed decision for your property.

Corflute Tree Guards - The Popular Choice

Corflute Tree GuardsCorflute Tree Guards have become a firm favourite among garden enthusiasts, horticulturists and environmentalists alike, and it's easy to see why. Manufactured from PP5 recyclable material, these guards are incredibly durable and designed to last, making them an ideal choice for those who require a long-lasting solution. They can be found here.

A standout feature of Corflute Tree Guards is their versatility. Whether your garden soil is clay, sand, or loam, these guards can be comfortably used in all types, providing the necessary protection your saplings need, irrespective of their location. This feature makes them a solid choice for diverse geographical regions, making them a popular choice worldwide.

Moreover, Corflute Tree Guards are designed to be reusable, offering a long-term solution for those engaging in regular plantings. Many gardeners will use these guards for more than one planting season, removing them after the initial growth period and reusing them for another batch of plants the following season.

Regarding sizes, these guards are available in three different options, catering to a range of tree sizes and species. This feature allows you to pick the most suitable size for your saplings, providing them with the perfect fit and level of protection.

Installing a Corflute Tree Guard is straightforward, requiring just a single hardwood stake for support. While choosing a stake, it's essential to ensure that at least 'one-third' of it is inserted into the ground to secure them properly. The choice of hardwood makes the stake sturdy enough to hold the guard in place, even in adverse weather conditions.

Overall, Corflute Tree Guards offer a reliable and reusable solution for protecting your trees, making them a popular choice among gardeners and tree growers.

Biodegradable Cardboard Guards - The Eco-friendly Option

Biodegradable Cardboard GuardsAs environmental awareness grows, many gardeners and tree growers are leaning towards greener alternatives. If you're among those prioritising eco-friendliness without compromising on protection, the Biodegradable Cardboard Guards could be an ideal choice. Check them out here.

Biodegradable Cardboard Guards are manufactured from materials that can decompose naturally over time, leaving no harmful waste behind. These guards are fully recyclable and break down in the environment without causing any harm, aligning with sustainable practices.

One of the significant reasons to opt for these tree guards is the minimal environmental impact they have. They are particularly suited to landowners who wish to reduce their carbon footprint or those involved in large-scale reforestation or conservation projects where sustainability is critical.

Available in two sizes, these cardboard guards can cater to a range of saplings, offering the necessary protection while being environmentally friendly. However, it's worth noting that their biodegradability does not compromise their durability – these guards are robust and can hold up against various environmental factors while they are needed – for up to 12 months.

Most Biodegradable Cardboard Guards require a single hardwood stake for support. Hardwood stakes are robust and offer firm support, ensuring your guards stay in place. However, if you prefer, you can use bamboo stakes instead. Bamboo is a renewable resource and offers flexibility and strength. It is important to note that if you opt for bamboo, you will need two instead of one hardwood stake.

Whether you choose bamboo or hardwood will largely depend on your personal preference and the specific requirements of your planting environment. However, both options support your biodegradable cardboard guards, ensuring your trees are protected whilst also being eco-friendly.

Mesh Tree Guards - Kangaroo and Wallaby Proof

Mesh Tree GuardsFor those residing in areas where kangaroos and wallabies are prevalent, ensuring the safety of your young trees from these animals can be challenging. This is where Mesh Tree Guards come into play. They provide the necessary barrier to keep these wildlife creatures at bay, ensuring your trees can grow undisturbed. Check them out here.

Mesh Tree Guards are designed with durability and resistance in mind. They are crafted to withstand the potential damage caused by wildlife, making them an ideal choice for plantings in areas where kangaroos and wallabies, in particular, are common.

One of the unique features of these guards is that they come on a roll, allowing you to cut them to the length that best suits your requirements. Whether you need 500mm high guards or 330mm high ones, you have the flexibility to create guards that are tailored to your needs. For instance, depending on your requirements, a 30-metre roll could be cut into 60 x 500mm high guards or 90 x 330mm high guards.

Mesh Tree Guards require two hardwood stakes as a minimum for secure installation. Similar to the other tree guards, it is ideal for one-third of the stake to be in the ground. This ensures that the guard is firmly in place, providing robust protection against any wildlife that might threaten your young trees.

Mesh Tree Guards are a practical and effective solution for protecting your trees in regions with kangaroos and wallabies. They offer the versatility to be customised to your specific requirements, ensuring maximum tree protection.

Plastic Tree Protection Sleeves - Versatile and Reliable

Plastic Tree Protection SleevesFor those requiring a versatile solution that suits various planting needs, Plastic Tree Protection Sleeves is a reliable choice. These sleeves, available here, offer multiple benefits, making them an excellent option for various plants, including saplings, tomatoes, capsicums, and cucumbers.

Tree Protection Sleeves are specially designed to protect young plants from frost, a common issue for many gardeners during the colder months. The UV-stabilised material ensures the sleeve provides adequate protection while allowing plenty of light to reach the plant, aiding in its healthy growth.

One of the significant advantages of Tree Protection Sleeves is their versatility. Whether you're looking to safeguard a newly planted sapling, protect your tomato plants from frost, or ensure that your capsicum plants are safe from accidental damage, these sleeves have got you covered.

Available in three sizes, Tree Protection Sleeves cater to various plant sizes, offering customised protection based on your specific needs. Installation is straightforward, with three bamboo stakes required to hold the sleeve in place. Bamboo stakes are preferable due to their flexibility and light weight, making them ideal for loam or softer soils.

It's worth noting a word of caution, though: Tree Protection Sleeves can get quite hot if used during the peak of summer, potentially causing harm to the plant. Therefore, these guards are recommended to be used mainly in the cooler months or regions where extreme summer heat is not a concern.

In conclusion, Tree Protection Sleeves offer a versatile and reliable solution for protecting various plants from a range of threats, making them a staple for many gardeners.

Stakes For Your Tree Guard Installation

The selection of the right stakes is a critical factor in successfully installing tree guards. Depending on the type of guard, different stakes may be required.

Hardwood stakes, available here, are rectangular (23 x 11mm) and are available in two sizes, 75cm or 90cm. Known for their robustness, hardwood stakes offer firm support to the tree guards and ensure they stay put, even in adverse weather conditions.

Alternatively, bamboo stakes can be used. They are most often used with plastic tree sleeves and are available in sizes ranging from 75cm to 120cm for the larger 790mm high guards. Bamboo stakes, found here and here, are a natural material, with the thickness measured at the wider end. Do note that as a natural material, the other end may whittle down to be half that of the wide end.

Throughout this blog post, we have explored the different types of tree guards and their unique features, highlighting how they cater to various needs. From Corflute to biodegradable cardboard, mesh to tree protection sleeves, there is a guard to suit every gardener's requirement. Choosing the right tree guard and corresponding stakes for your garden is essential, ensuring your young plants and trees are protected and thrive. Enjoy your gardening journey with the confidence that your hard work is safeguarded. Happy planting!


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