Michael's Turf VLOG - 3 Weeks Post Renovation

Its 3 weeks post lawn renovation... Join Michael as he explains which fertilisers we used to help the lawn bounce back.

Video Transcript

Hello all and welcome to the fourth episode of the Turf Vlogs. It's now been three weeks since we completed the renovation, and I must say myself that I am pleasantly surprised with just how well it has come back. In our previous episode, we mentioned that we used two different fertilisers at the time of renovation: the Florafert Elevate Z and the Onyx organic-based fertiliser. Now is the time to break this down and explain just why we went with these options as part of our program before and leading up to renovation.

A regular fertiliser program was in place before renovation. This meant that come time for renovation, the plant was already healthy, and the fertiliser levels were ideal, and we chose accordingly. The FloraFert Elevate Z is a new product, with an NPK of 7-0-12 plus 13% sulfur, 1.2% magnesium, 4% iron, and 5% seaweed. As all thatch was removed at the time of renovation, we didn't want too much end and wanted to bring it back slowly to avoid increasing thatch build-up. But more importantly, we wanted to focus on the overall health of the plants. With the 12% potassium, this has helped increase the vigor of the plant, the sulfur to help unlock key nutrients in the soil, magnesium for chlorophyll production, and finally, seaweed stimulate root growth and protect it against stress and disease.

Secondly, we use the Onyx fertiliser, being a 100% organic product made up of molasses, clinic extracts, humic and fulvic acids, and key sugars, is a key contributor to soil and microbe activity and unlocking nutrient. All these elements help to improve growth, photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, and plus a slow release for over 16 weeks to ensure that the soil is healthy and optimum levels and ensure a quick and healthy bounce back from renovation.

As we all know, doing a renovation puts grass under a lot of stress. To avoid disease and stress, we need to ensure that there are sufficient amounts of the right nutrients in your soil. Every soil profile is different, every program and scenario can differ depending on key factors.

Stay tuned for our next video where we give you an overview of what are key factors to a healthy launch. The team here are here to help, and we'd love to hear from you with any questions or queries. Thank you again for watching, and we look forward to seeing you next time


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