Michael's Turf VLOG - What is involved in a lawn renovation?

Join Michael on the Turf VLOG and Ben from Complete Turf Renovations as we discuss what is involved in a lawn renovation.

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Video Transcript:

Michael: So hello all and welcome back to the second episode of the Turf Vlogs. If you missed the first episode, don't worry, there's plenty more content coming your way. As we all know, it's spring-time now and in nature, that's when everything grows, just like the grass here at the front of the warehouse. However, during winter and autumn, it has had some attacks from fungal diseases and lawn grubs. This does leave it looking a little worse for wear and deficient in key nutrients.

Michael: Today we are undertaking a renovation. Thank you to the team at Complete Turf Renovations who will be helping us along with this process. So Ben, what does that renovation involve?

Ben: Hi Michael, so a typical renovation will include aerating, scarifying, and also topdressing.

Michael: Okay great, so you mentioned aerating first. What does aerating do to your grass and how does it benefit it?

Ben: Practically, aerating your lawn will punch holes into it to stimulate a better root system and also to allow air, water, and key nutrients to get into it more efficiently.

Michael: Great, so that really is a key thing to include in your renovation because roots are the foundation of the grass and if that's not healthy, then you won't ensure to have your grass healthy through the summer period.

Next up is scarifying. What does that include then?

Ben: Yeah, so typically scarifying, dethatching, or verticutting, we will pull out all that dead organic matter into it to help the grass breathe and also allow water and nutrients to get into it as well.

Michael: Great, so there you go. It does remove all that dead thatch that does build up over the summer periods if you haven't done it before or the winter and autumn periods where the grass grows a bit slowly and the mower does leave a bit of thatch behind after each mow.

So now we've removed all that dead matter, we do need to put a new foundation down which we normally use sand. Why would we use that sand Ben?

Ben: Well, I guess it all depends on your profile to start with. So today, as you said, we're using a washed river sand. That sand's going to help the grass recover quickly and efficiently after we scarify and aerate.

Michael: Great, so there you go. That really tops it off. In saying that, however, you do need to include nutrients when doing a top dressing or as you call it renovation. That helps the grass bounce back and makes it less susceptible to disease and also insect attacks. Today we'll be using the products out of the Florafert range. That is the Elevate Z, so it includes key nutrients including zeolite to help the grass bounce back. In conjunction with this, we also will be using the Onyx range, which is an organic biostimulant. So that will help the roots develop, help them take the shock of the renovation, and bounce back a lot quicker. And of course, as we've probably all experienced, we've had some lawn grub attacks. So we are also going out with the granular Acelepryn GR. This one does give you the six-month control so that your grass doesn't get the grub attacks throughout the summer period.

Well, Ben, I won't hold you up anymore. We'll let you get on with your renovation. But just a quick look at the machines behind us here. This is what Ben will be using. So on our left here, we have the paddock machine. This is one that Ben uses in his smaller residential type renovation jobs, which is your aerator. So that's the one that punches the holes into the soil and lets the grass breathe. Then behind then here, we do have the scarifier. So that's the one that rips out the dead matter and allows the grass to breathe. Then finally, of course, we do have the top dresser. Today, Ben will be using the Eco 250, which is included in our range of products. That'll be putting out the sand thanks to Maroochy Sand and Gravel who have delivered us to sand today.

Thank you. Ben won't hold you up any longer. We look forward to seeing you on our next episode.


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