Your Citrus Trees Are Hungry &  So Are The Bugs!

Your Citrus Trees Are Hungry & So Are The Bugs!

Did you know citrus trees are heavy feeders? As the trees wake after the cooler winter months -  THEY ARE HUNGRY!
To ensure a bumper crop this season its best to fertilise them well.

We recommend this food that plants love:  Organic Xtra Pellets

If you have pets or prefer to avoid smelly manure based fertilisers,  Prolific Blue is a great option.

Both of these products above can be used on more than just your citrus... In fact all flowering and fruiting plants will be kept happy.

If you only have a small garden, or have potted citrus, try  Osmocote Plus Organics Citrus & Fruit Plant Food & Soil Improver.

Some areas may notice the new flowers and new shoots forming on their trees.
The  Aphids and Citrus Leaf Miners will soon be honing in on these lovely new shoots too!

Its common for us to notice the damage from these pests AFTER its done, but using  Eco CLM Citrus Leaf Miner traps (one trap per tree) and a regular Eco-Oil spray (ideally monthly but closer if pest pressure is high) is a great way to stay on top of this pest.

The Enhanced HIPPO Eco-Oil formulation replicates plants natural defense mechanism by including organic compounds into the spray. Research shows that the HIPPO Enhanced Eco-Oil will attract beneficial insects into the garden. 
Pretty amazing hey?

Read the application label for more information, and be sure to avoid spraying directly on 'open' flowers – target all leaves and new growth. 

Speak to our staff to find out how to  'SUPERCHARGE' your Eco-oil and include organic control of even more pests! 

More info coming soon!


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